About Us

Ghana365 is a sub-site of the famous 22Bet platform. We are working on this site to improve the betting scenario in Ghana. After the foundation of 22Bet in 2000, we have looked for opportunities that will help us to open a similar site in Ghana where people can bet without any issues. We were able to work on this goal from the start of 2019 successfully and have created a decent platform for bettors in Ghana. Our team consists of 22Bet’s some of the best advisors, game developers, and other crucial members.

The online betting scene in Ghana is pretty rich, and there are no rules that make this activity illegal in Ghana. However, people find it hard to use international platforms as the deposit and withdrawal methods are quite complicated. That is why we planned to open Ghana365 for our people who are looking for a secure platform that they can trust. Since 22Bet is the largest online betting platform in the world, you will be able to expect the same qualities on this site.

Our Features

Our team, unlike the typical website makers, is skilled enough to be 22Bet’s member. Besides being able to give our users an excellent and skilled crew, we have made sure that you get the right interface from our website, as you would expect from a sub-site of 22Bet. Furthermore, our payment method has become easier, which means Ghanaian will find a better and faster way to deposit and withdraw. The transactions were an issue while betting on international platforms. So if you were looking for a site that would be suitable for easy transactions in Ghana, ghana365 is your preferred option.

Why Trust Us?

With more than a decade of experience in the online betting field and managing some trusted websites, we are proud to see how people put their trust in us. 22Bet has been the best and will always stay on the top of online betting due to its security, UI, customer support, etc. As a result, we see no reason why people would have trust issues unless they are new. Newbie bettors can check out our thousands of sub-sites of 22Bet and the main platform to get an understanding of our brand and how we work.

We are more than happy to share about us more and give our users a detailed explanation. If you have anything that you want to know about our brand or something else, you can contact us right now.