If you are in any kind of confusion or require assistance, our customer support is here. We are proud to state that our customer support crew is ten times better since they are not robots. We understand that bots are not able to assist people the way other humans do, and that is why we have made sure that an excellent customer support team is present from the start of 22Bet Ghana. The crew is trained to be friendly and cooperative with our users. As a result, no matter what kind of problems you face, they will be more than happy to help you.

Availability of Customer Support

Our customer support team is active from 9 am in the morning to 12 at night. As a result, whenever you are in trouble, you can get help quickly. The customer support team typically takes 2 to 4 minutes to reply to a ‘reasonable’ text. Also, we made sure that our customer support team is specialized in online betting so that they can give the best suggestion. Even if you are texting them during the closed hours, they will respond to it as soon as they notice it

Languages offered by customer support

Our customer support team is mainly skilled in English so that people worldwide can communicate with them. Being an Ghanaian-based site, the team is fluent in English. As a result, people who are not comfortable speaking or texting in English can easily find a solution from customer support in their mother tongue. Broken English or Haussa is no problem for us since our customer support consists of actual humans.

Options for communication

Live Chat

It is the fastest way to get support from our online team. During the working hours, the team is active in answering questions of users and helping them with any kind of process related to our site. The live chat button will be floating on your screen, and you will able to text there in a matter of seconds. After that, our team will respond to you within a minute and make sure that you have found a solution. 


You can easily contact us through email, too. Even though we do not reply to emails as fast as the live chat, you can expect a response within 4 to 9 hours. We get a lot of emails every single day, and running through all of them becomes an impossible task to do within a limited amount of time. So, if you have sent us an email, we will be sure to check it out and reply.

Social Media

We are on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and providing customer support there, too. Make sure to follow us on each of these platforms so that you know every update and news published by us. We provide a fast response to social media and make sure that every ‘reasonable’ text and comment is being answered by a human being. 

Contact Us page

Another great way to get support from the best is through the contact us page. You will just have to fill a form and provide your email information so that we can get back to you. Queries submitted in the ‘contact us’ page are answered within a few hours by our team of experts.